Zoning update: Sprayberry Crossing, East Cobb Church filings

Sprayberry Crossing zoning case
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After months of delays, the Sprayberry Crossing rezoning case has been placed on the March zoning calendar and the Cobb Zoning Office has conducted a formal analysis of the redevelopment project.

The office released its March agenda on Monday, ahead of next Tuesday’s Cobb Planning Commission meeting.

The zoning staff is recommending approval of the retail, townhome and apartment proposal by Atlantic Realty, an apartment developer, with conditions.

The proposal was first revealed last year, and included a virtual town hall meeting with the community.

But it’s a community that’s been divided over the project, with some citizens adamantly against apartments, and concerns about increased traffic.

The latest site plan (at the top) calls for 125 apartments, 125 senior living apartments, 44 townhomes, 36,000 square feet of retail and 8,000 square feet of office space. Most of the retail space would be for a supermarket, which on the latest map indicates a Lidl store.

The apartment numbers have been reduced from nearly 200 and the story height has come down from five to three, but community green space and a buffer around an existing cemetery that were on earlier site plans have been eliminated.

ROD projects are “site plan specific,” meaning that there aren’t minimum lot sizes, setbacks and buffers that are required in most rezoning cases.

At least 10 percent of the housing units in an ROD project must be set aside for residents making no more than 80 percent of an area’s average median income.

Last month Cobb commissioners voted 5-0 to eliminate the category, which stands for Redevelopment Overlay District.

That action doesn’t affect the Sprayberry Crossing case. The agenda item overview can be found here; here is the staff analysis. The full packet can be found at the first link in this post, pages 45-131.

Also on the agenda after two months of delays is another proposed redevelopment, for a campus of the new East Cobb Church and townhomes at Johnson Ferry and Shallowford roads (summary here).

North Point Ministries wants to purchase 33 acres at the southwest corner of that intersection to build the new East Cobb Church and an accompanying parking deck (latest site plan here).

North Point would sell the back portion of the property to Ashwood Development for 125 townhomes. There also would be some retail use.

The Cobb zoning staff has recommended denial for density, traffic and land-use reasons. Opponents are calling for low-density single-family housing. Citizens opposed to the project have made similar arguments, while others have applauded the addition of a new church to the community.

Kevin Moore, North Point’s attorney, said the single-family category is economically unfeasible; a 2016 rezoning case seeking a single-family development on the same property was withdrawn.

He repeated that claim during a virtual town hall earlier this month with Cobb Commissioner Jerica Richardson and Cobb Planning Commission member Tony Waybright, who offered a “conceptual plan” incorporating changes he said were suggested by community members.

Full packet information can be found on pages 244-271 of the meeting agenda.

Next Tuesday’s meeting will be the first for new Cobb Planning Commission member Deborah Dance. She’s formerly the Cobb County Attorney and was appointed by Commissioner JoAnn Birrell to represent District 3, which includes the Sprayberry Crossing property.

Dance succeeds longtime planning board member Judy Williams, who died of COVID-19 in January.

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3 thoughts on “Zoning update: Sprayberry Crossing, East Cobb Church filings”

  1. I am still completely opposed to the Sprayberry Crossing development with the current plans which include apartments and the special R zoning. I find it convenient and very concerning that the “special zoning” in this request will continue to apply, in spite of being completely done away with -entirely -for Cobb County moving forward. I have lived in my private single family residence since 1985 and watched the dilapidation of the property – and- I prefer the current wretched state over the current plan.

    • I support any recall efforts to remove any commissioner who votes for this. Usually when the planning commission approved anything that’s slang for “the public to be damned”. This is and has been a single family residential area with people paying property the longest – only to be displaced by apartment dwellers. This is not unique to our area- this is an ARC for high density apartments snd town homes are being built all over the metro area. We have lived in this area for over 36 years . It’s already too much traffic on sandy plains – always backed up. And we don’t need apartments either.

      • Not only are they talking about putting the Sprayberry Crossing debacle in that area of Sandy Plains; they were also talking about putting another one in at the head of Sandy Plains at 92 and are still trying to get a mixed use development into the corner of Johnson Ferry and Shallowford Roads, which would feed into Sandy Plains Road. They really care only about the Benjamins, citizens of the area be damned.

        Politicians of all stripes are wearing my last nerve very thin; I’m right with you on supporting recall efforts for any commissioner who is not listening to the people who have lived here for decades. It’s bad enough that there are precious few alternatives to living in a subdivision at this point; to make this area into another Alpharetta is not what people I’ve talked with want – and I’m quite sure we’re not alone in those thoughts.

        When we moved here, Abernathy at Roswell Road was sticks. That area’s shot as far as livability is concerned. That’s not what I want to see in this area.


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