No-parking barricades placed on Sope Creek Bridge sidewalk

Sope Creek Bridge no parking

When the new Sope Creek Bridge opened on Paper Mill Road in 2013, it included widened sidewalks that have been heavily utilized by residents and pedestrians using the trails at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

They’re wide enough for vehicles to park, and a recent rash of those illegal parkings has prompted Cobb Police to put up barriers that still give pedestrians enough room.

It’s a safety issue, and the reminder and photo come from the office of Commissioner Bob Ott, who said in his weekly newsletter said police are working with Cobb DOT “to design a solution that works with the surroundings.”

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2 thoughts on “No-parking barricades placed on Sope Creek Bridge sidewalk”

  1. What is so difficult or obscure about putting a sidewalk on the right side just like there’s one on the left? If the bridge is undergoing repairs, anyway, then why is that not part of it?

    • Sylvia, what are you even talking about? Did you read the article at all? The bridge repairs are done and sidewalks were included on both sides. The issue is cars parking illegally On the bridge, in the sidewalks.


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