East Cobb News Comments Policy

Readers are welcome and encouraged to offer their comments on East Cobb News stories, but some rules of the road apply. We like to keep it informal and relaxed, but we ask that you observe the following policies to ensure a robust and civil atmosphere for community conversation:

  • All commenters must provide a verifiable e-mail address to East Cobb News. This information will not be published, but on the back end we need to know who you are;
  • All commenters can opine how they like, from any political, cultural or other perspective. However, comments must be based on factually accurate information, and should be limited to local news, events, people and issues;
  • Comments about political campaigns are permitted, and candidates for public office may leave comments as well. But campaign literature or links are not and commenters will be asked to remove them or their full posts will be removed;
  • Libelous and defamatory comments will be taken down;
  • No obscene, racist, sexist or other intolerant language is permitted, nor is any use of profanity;
  • Likewise, no personal attacks, insults and threats are allowed;
  • Please refrain from making allegations of criminal behavior and any other wrongdoing based on facts that have not been published, either on East Cobb News or via other news outlets;
  • DO NOT use the comments section to promote commercial products or services, or to post items about community events. For general information, including advertising inquiries and how to submit news tips, calendar items and announcements, please e-mail editor/publisher Wendy Parker at [email protected] or phone/text 404-219-4278.
  • Any and all comments and links unrelated to a topic thread will be removed.

Repeated and persistent violators of this policy will be banned from commenting. The editor reserves the right to take action on any abusive and objectionable activity.

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